Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A taste of Gamila's Secret

Recently I’ve read about a beauty item called Gamila’s Secret from Israel that’s suppose to clean and heal skin conditions to renew and allow the deepest layer of skin to reach the outer surface within 28 days of daily usage. At first I was very reluctant to purchase this tiny bar of soap as it was for $20 but I changed my mind when I found out that this soap was made from cooking olive oil, Shea butter, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, laurel oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and fifteen different secret local herbs for more than 40 hours until it condenses then left to air dry for 6 months. Although the ingredients listed are very common in a lot of organic soap sold at my local beauty stores but I think by making the other 15 herbal ingredients a mystery really captivated my attention and lured me into giving their products a try. Another reason why I decided to buy this product was because it was labeled to help skin conditions and my skin gets extra sensitive during the summer time so it’ll be nice if can help improve it.

Well, I actually ordered the original scented Gamila’s Secret off of Ebay as this product is actually not being sold in the United States. My package was shipped from a seller directly from Israel where this product was made and took about 3 weeks to arrive.  Upon receiving my package I was quite disappointed as the soap is a lot smaller than that I expected at a size of around 2”W x 2”L x 1.5”H. In addition, the soap was packaged in a cheap looking plastic foldable box and cannot be compared to the big deluxe looking packaging for the Gamila Secret sold in Europe. The first thought that ran into my mind was “Did I buy a counterfeit item?” but after moments of calming myself down I rather choose to believe that this item is real and has a different packaging as its commonly sold in Israel. Alright, I admit I’m still not sure if it’s authentic but by looking at it it looks real and smells like it’s made from combining lots of herbs together. Although my block of soap does look a little smaller than the one I saw from Gamila’s advertising videos but I’m still giving this block of $20 thing a try.

Honestly, I was just being frugal and didn’t want to buy from the one and only person who was selling a European version of Gamila Secret online because it cost about $30 which is ten whole dollar more for the same product. Apparently, I convinced myself that buying from someone from the land of origin for this item is the best bet as it’s nice to help people from a less developed country plus $20 is already really expensive so I really cannot convince myself to fork out $10 more dollars to buy a block of soap. I think if I do purchase another one I would buy from a seller with a European packaging instead to compare the difference. Alright now, I’ve decided to give my Gamila Secret a try today and hopefully by me crossing my fingers and praying at the same time, my block of soap will be authentic and cleanse and detox my skin  . I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens!

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