Friday, July 1, 2011

14 Days of Living with Gamila's Secret

I have some good news for you guys! I think this Gamila Secret is real as its really different from other soaps I’ve used in the pass as it’s lather is very gooey like how it feels when you get glue stick on your fingers and you can see tiny little stings forming as you are trying pull your fingers away.  It’s hard to describe so you really have to try it for yourself in order to understand my feelings. I actually love the smell of this product when I’m using it as it infuses a strong scent of herbs into the air. This soap claims to be made from 100% natural ingredients, totally free of synthetic substances such as preservatives, dye, emulsifiers, waxes and pore-clogging mineral oils but upon first usage I notice that this bar actually lather up upon contact with water so it makes me wonder if they have added glycerin as part of their cleaning agent. Hopefully Gamila did not add glycerin and the lathering was part of the mysterious 15 herbs not described in the ingredients list. My skin did feel very clean and soft after leaving the lather on for 30 minutes then washing it off. So far, I do like this bar of soap but I think I’ll have to use it a bit longer to decide if this block of soap was really worth purchasing for $20.

After using this soap for around 14 consecutive days I do feel like my skin is a lot smoother. Basically I just replace my regular body soap and use this instead and my skin looks very moisturized and clean. I used to have very rough elbows and scaly legs but the condition really improved and it almost seems like I have lotion myself every time after I shower. Eventually, I began using this soap on my face because I've heard that it'll make you break out but luckily that didn't happen to me. Although the soap didn't make a big difference on my face as it really didn't have any problem to begin with, but I did find something else great about it and that's cleanly removing makeup off my face. Overall, I love this product as it's one of the best soap I've ever used and I'll definitely buy it again!

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