Sunday, August 7, 2011

Woot! Savior for My Clogged Pores (Sexy Look Black head Pore Cleanser Set)

Have you guys ever been bothered by clogged pores on your nose especially if they are midway popping out but actually stuck there?! Well, I have this problem and it's been bother me as my clogged pores looks like tiny black dots underneath my skin. I know my situation is a lot better then this girl I know that uses a pair of tweezers to pluck out her blackheads. Yes, I know it sounds gross but she does it almost everyday and if she skips a day her pores look so clogged that you can actually see black/white heads emerging out of her skin.

I used to use a pore extracting tool every 1-2 weeks to clean out my clogged pores, but the only problem I have is that the black heads would reappear after 2-3 days. At times it would even irritate and dry out my skin as I was pressing down too hard. I've also tried using Loreal's pore strips but it doesn't really work for me as the adhesiveness is NOT sticky enough and it'll only remove 20% of my black heads. Therefore, after seeking for a instant pore removal product for a long time I finally ran across Sexylook's  3 steps pore cleaning product. I am totally in love with this product right now! It cleans out like 70-80% of my black heads plus my black heads don't come back for at least 1 week. I guess the key to this product is the step two pink color peeling mask as it's so strong that it'll even remove your facial hair and takes a lot of strength to peel it off. Overall, I would buy this product again as it really works on me and its pretty cheap at $20 for 3 bottles of products that I'm sure you can use over 20 -30 times. Good luck with this product if you guys are planning to try it out and hopefully you guys will have the same results as I do!

For those of you guys that do not read Chinese, I translated the instructions and you can see it in the picture. 

Here's a close up of my nose after using this product. It's a little red as the adhesiveness on this mask was very strong and it's quite painful to pull it off because you can also feel your facial hair coming off too.

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