Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beauty on a Budget 1/1/12 -1/7/12

There’s always a saying that there’s no ugly women in this world but just lazy women but who ever that made that up forgot to say that there’s also a hefty consequence for looking more beautiful.  So what is the consequence? I know that a lot of guys would agree to this and it’s spending A LOT of MONEY on a wide range of products from clothing to makeup to skin care and now a new favorite, nail art. Anyways, that list of beauty products can go on and on, but how many of you guys can afford to purchase new products every week that’s released into the market.  Even shopping at local drug store like CVS, Walgreen, or Rite Aid We’re and not specialty stores like Sephora can cost you at least $5-$10 for an item. 

Although we can always try and return an item if we do not like it but there’s just way too many beauty items that we need on a daily base. I mean how many women now a day can live without false eyelashes? foundation? nail polish? or even hair products? Therefore, my conclusion is spending less and buying more. Alright that those sounded kind of contradictive, but what I’ve meant is finding great deals on products that will make you look more beautiful. Although, these products may not be exactly on your I want to try list but I’m sure it worth it to give it a shot! Hopefully I have shared this entry early enough for you guys to pick up some of these items that I thought were a steal! 

Great Buy #1
eos Lip Balm for $0.99 at Walgreens (1/1/12 - 1/7/12)
Pay $2.99 first then get $2 register reward back

Trust me this price is as low as this lip balm can ever get and especially since there's no limit on how many you are allowed to purchase it makes the deal even sweeter. These eos lip balms are one of my favorite because I really love the fact that most of these are made from organic products and that it moisturizes my lips very well. My personal favorite scents are sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, and summer fruits.

Since they were so cheap, I picked up quite a few for myself to use. Here's how it looks with the packaging!

Great Buy #2
John Frieda Flyaway Tamer for FREE at Walgreens (ymmv)
On clearance at $2.59 then there's a $3.00 off coupon on the box
This is basically used for taming your hair and making it more sleek and clean if you have flyaway hair on the top and side of your head. The consistency of the product is kind of gel like and reminds me of a eyebrow gel. The great part about this product is that it really does hold your hair down for a whole day and does not feel sticky at all like some hair styling products. 

Remember to look for the clearance sign and these little peelies on the box at your local Walgreens store!

Anyways, here's how I look with the product on. It's kind of hard to see my flyaway as my camera's micro settings are not the best but if you really try to focus you can kind of see it on the top of my head. Overall its a good product just not something I really use on a regular base, but hey since it's FREE I'm not going to complain. I think I'll use more of it next time when I tie my hair into a pony tail!

Great Buy #3
Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Polish Strip for $0.59 at Walgreens (selected colors & ymmv)
On clearance at $2.59 then there's a $2.00 off coupon on www.coupons.com 

I have wanted to try these nail polish strip for longest time ever but never wanted to fork out $10 for a nail decoration that will only last up to 10 days. I guess since they were less then a dollar a pop I just might as well pick a few up for myself too. I haven't tried it yet so cannot tell you guys any reviews or suggests so I'll update you guys!

Great Buy #4
Milani Nail Art for $1.09 at Walgreens (all colors & ymmv)

I picked up a few for myself to try as these were really cheap, almost like getting five for the price of one! So far I've only tried using these polish on a piece of paper and the lines seem to come out pretty thin but colors do not come out as vibrant as I would have wished. Hopefully it'll look better when I try it out on my nails. 

These products are still selling for full price on www.milanicosmetics.com website! Tell me what you guys think about this product and show me your creations!

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