Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mash Nail Stamping Set and Brushes

No way.... my friend has totally read my mind! I can't believe she got me these nail decorating stamping and brushes for Christmas. They look so awesome and I'm totally thrilled about trying these new gadgets out! I really can't wait to show you guys the results. I'm really not too sure how my friend knows that I've been wanting these items.Well, may be it's because for the last year or so I was a little obsessed with painting my nails all year long as I feel like they need to change clothing too. Don't you guys agree that changing nail color will really help spice up your look?

Anyways, it's probably no shocker to her that I will eventually venture into wanting to decorate my nails in a more artsy way. I think she knows that I don't have much self control when it comes to buying nail decorating supplies so she ended up getting this mash 25 plates nail stamp sets so that could I have a wide range of varieties to work from. This set that she had given me had a lot of great reviews online as they are suppose to be great value for the price because 25 stamp plates will only cost you $18 on amazon which is only $0.72 per plate. The other item she gave me was a matching mash brush set that comes in a range of size so hopefully it make it much easier to draw designs on my nails as the previous brush I bought from Joanns was too big for small details. Okay.... enough with the talking and here comes the item!!!

The designs on each plate are finely engraved so you could see the details clearly even on such a small image. Another thing about these plates that are quite impressive is that it is very study and doesn't feel cheap at all.

I haven't tried out the brushes yet so don't really have anything much to comment. However, I do like the fact that this sets comes with 15 different sizes and variations of brushes.

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