Saturday, August 24, 2013

I'm back in action!

Hello everyone! I'm finally back in action.

wtf anime gifs

I've got lots to share with you guys since I've been mia for such a long long time. Yes Yes... I know I know it happens from time to time so no surprise there. No worries though as I'm committed to write more on a weekly base so lets see how far this can get.... So what exactly have I been doing? Labor.....*awkwardness* Long story short... so at work we are preparing to move and it's been one heck of a time gathering and preparing documents for the new location so it basically sucked all my energy out. I've been just eating, sleeping, working and more eating... hahahha..... sounds like a pig...

Yeah, this is what I turned into....Of course not, its too adorable to be me. Speaking of pig I wanted to get myself a micro pig as a pet.... this pet store around the place I live is only selling these cutie pie for $699 which is not as expensive as I thought....

So cute huh? Wouldn't it be awesome if you see someone on the street walking one of these? It's like screaming.... hey look at me man... I'm so special... I'm walking a pig... hahaha, definitely a good buy if you want attention!

But seriously, don't buy just to look ahem* special but be really committed to feeding and caring for them as pets need a lot of love and care from their owners. I personally haven't made up my mind yet as I don't know if I'll be able to handle them as I already have a few cats to tender to...

Anyways, back to me now. Here's a selfie of myself recently that looks thinner.... well kind of... okay I tried but the angling is damn hard!

Yeah, I've been living quite well feasting off McDonalds just for these monopoly game pieces which at the end I won nothing much..... except a whole lot of weight! Damn you fast food!

So if any of my fellow readers win something... it would be nice to share with that girl up there... *hint* *hint*

Anyways, got to go now so I'll write more on my next blog... bye now!

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