Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cherry Picking at Leona Valley

I wanted to get a fresh breath of cleaner air out in the farm so I went down to the Leona Valley for cherry picking.

There's actually a lot of cherry picking farm over in the Leona Valley and the one I decided to visit is the Amber Cherry Farm.

Now lets get going and let me show you the way around! Cherry picking yah!

The cherry tree are actually not very tall so it wasn't too difficult to pick them. It was actually very fun picking cherry because it was a lot easier to pick standing up without the need to bend down like picking strawberries.

Wearing a hat and applying sunscreen is a must for these outdoor event!

Love the Rainer Cherries, looks so delicious but I think I went too early on in the season so these cherries are actually pretty tarty tasting.

My sister and I posing next to the cherry trees! There's so many cherries on each branch so I have so many selection to choose from... hahaha...

Wow these cherries grow in bunches it almost look like grapes.

Another type of cherry which I believe is the Bing, which is sweeter than the Rainer Cherries I picked earlier.   Look at how cute this baby cherry I found! is so tiny but yet it's pretty sweet.

Mommy and I striking for a photo! My mom was like popping most of the cherries she picked in her mouth rather than placing it in her bucket. My mommy is just too cute.

Another view of the cherry tree, this cherry tree is becoming empty from all the picking!

Look at all the beautiful cherries I picked, yum yum. All the cherries were firm and plump with zero pesticide so at $3.75/lb a pound it was very reasonable.

Here a last picture of me and the cherries before heading home. I will definitely go to more cherry picking places this summer before the season ends because it was a lot of fun and I love eating the fresh cherries!


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