Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Food Venture!

Here's a collection of what I've been doing lately and that's exploring my food options. Yes, fatten but very fun and exciting especially if the food is good!

Haha... all the food is very good and I will definitely go back! Total love my new exploration!

Had brunch with my sister at the Home restaurant. I love the outdoor environment especially when the weather is good.

There's a fountain right in the center of the restaurant so it makes the environment more relaxing.

Sister ordered the crabs benedict and was very good especially the potato!

I ordered a burger which tasted average but the criss cut fries was exceptionally good as it was very crispy and the flavoring was very good.

Another great dessert I tried was a strawberry brick toast. It was very yummy but after a little while it was a little too sweet due to the excessive syrup.

Another one of my favorite dessert is fruit tart... Got to have one once in a while!

Me about to grub this tart. I really want one right now while I'm typing this, hahaha...

Another product I've been loving so much lately is Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie and Cookie Butter, it is so so good. The cookie butter has been very hard to buy lately as its out of stock at so many trader joes and I can only find it when I get lucky. Trader Joe need to produce more of these products as I really don't want to panic if my jar runs out!

The Speculoos cookie is also very good as it's very flavorful. Sweet cinnamon and caramel makes this cookie very good! In addition, I love how crispy this cookie is... I am addicted!

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