Friday, May 10, 2013

Beauty on the Budget: Lancome Eyeshadow

Hello! This week's beauty on a budget is this Lancôme eyeshadow pallet I picked up at the designer cosmetic company for $15! I mean its a steal compared to the retail price of $50+ . I know this collection is from a few seasons ago but hey look at the colors... It's just perfect for spring with colors like pink, coral, and cream.... Besides this pallet there's also a few other ones at $15 but since I wanted to keep myself on a budget I forbid myself to buy too many. 

The colors are very true to what you see without looking chalky. The only problem I really have us that my skin tone is kind of dark and the ligher colors don't show up as well on my eyelids unless I prime my eyelids with a white base. I did so with just a white eyeliner and it worked out just fine. 

Out of the five colors my favorite is actually the burgundy purple one as it looks great on my skin without looking too harsh like a black shadow would do if I apply too much. 

Oh, quick reminder... If you guys are looking for the same pallet the stock might vary from store to store so try to call ahead before planing a trip and good luck . 

Omg, look at what I found at my local target store... Strawberry flavored tic tac! Orange flavored tic tacs has always been my favor but strawberry is definitely going to be added to my favorite list. I hope this sells well and become a permanent item rather than a limited edition! 

The packaging is so cute and attractive. I'm serious but the moment I saw this box of tic tac at the register it was like literally calling me to buy it. Who wouldn't be tempted to try something called strawberry field. Everything about this tic tac is just so creative and different from other brands of mint.

The colors are do pretty!!! Lavender and cream...  Now lets try it out

Omg... It taste do good. The lavender one taste like strawberries with a little tartness to it while the cream one taste like sweet cream. The two combined together just taste so wonderful... Love love love! Haha... Now I have got to stock up done more in case they run out. Bye now...

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