Sunday, May 12, 2013

Floral Forever 21 Necklace Turned Bracelet

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the process but this bracelet was originally a necklace but I just took it apart and made it into 2 bracelets, one for me and the other for my sister. The reason I decided to take the necklace apart is because the necklace kept flipping over to the back side and is too troublesome to keep flipping the flowers to the right side.

Here's how the bracelet looks on my hand. I think it looks quite unique and different from the other bracelets I have and looks perfect for spring.

Another view of how the bracelet looks.

Since this bracelet was originally a necklace it only had one lobster claw so in order to make 2 bracelets I had to use an extra one I have. Although the color is a little different but overall it looks acceptable in person.

This is a close-up of how the bracelet look. Not bad as this necklace only cost $6.80 and by splitting it into two each bracelet will cost only $3.40! A pretty good steal as you can see that the flower charms are made of heavy sturdy material and has a nice weight to it. 

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