Monday, May 6, 2013

Beauty Buy: Twisted Crystal Bracelet

I recently went into a Ross store and saw this $9.99 bracelet that caught my attention. The bracelet is made of strand of crystal wrapped inside many strands of twisted fishing wire. The bracelet looked very unique and is perfect for Spring so I decided to purchase it.

Another great part about this bracelet is that you can easily wear it by yourself as it has an magnetic clasp.

Love the fact of how I can easily wear and take off this bracelet all by myself!

Me with the bracelet. I think the bracelet looks pretty simple alone so I think I'll just wear it with some other bracelets together.

Can you guys see how uniquely this bracelet looks. The fun part about this is that the bracelet is tightly woven that no crystals would ever drop out. It's super fun to look at!

1 comment:

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