Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Origins Active Charcoal Mask Review

I know this mask has been out for a while but I never used it until recently and I love it. It's a little pricey as it cost $19.50 for only 3.4 fl oz, but the results were amazing and I did immediately see a difference in pore size.

This mask has a thicker mud like texture but is very easy to spread out and I didn't have to use too much product per application so this mask is going to last me a long time!

Oh my, just realized that I have 24 months to use up this baby which is not bad and I should be able to finish it before then.

Here's how the mask look when it's partially dry. You must wait for 15-20 minutes after application and then you can wash it off.

This is how my face looks after the mask. My face seems much more hydrated and my pores seem visibly smaller!

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