Monday, February 6, 2012

Beauty on a Budget 2/6/2012 YMMV

Woot Woot I got some good deals for you guys! Recently I went to Target and noticed that they had a lot of beauty things on clearance. The prices were pretty decent and had a wide selection so you guys should definitely check it out if you get a chance. I think the sale just started as there seems to be a large number of clearance items still remaining. Although some of these prices were very tempting but I didn't pick up any item as I am trying to conserve and save up. Please remember that Target's clearance prices and stock varies by store. Check out my pictures first to see if you guys spot you like and if the price is right before you make a trip to Target. Good luck and tell me what kind of goodies you bought!
Select varieties of Physician Formula for $3.99-$6.74
Select varieties of Maybelline for $2.97-$3.84
Select varieties of Milani for $4.18-$4.54
Select varieties of Nicole OPI for $4.92
Select varieties of Orly for $4.88

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