Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review

The Sinful Colors nail polishes are marketed at a very low selling price and have been raved about among users so I have always wanted to try them out. Therefore, since it was on sale this week at Walgreens for $0.99, I decided to try them out. There was a large range of colors and varieties to choose from so I controlled myself to not over spend by purchasing only 6 polishes. (You guys think I purchased too many?) 

Five among the six colors I purchased were very vibrant and opaque as I only needed to paint two coats. The only color that was not very true to the look was Bali Mist as it was very sheer even after three coats. Overall, the colors painted on very smoothly and didn't skreak at all. The only problem I had about these polishes are it's quality control as it is not consistent at all. For some reason, some colors are not shiny/ glossy and makes it not very appealing after application. Without the shine my nails look very dull and unhealthy. The colors that are not shiny and I think you shouldn't buy include savage and rise and shine. Overall, the nail polishes are cheap but I they don't have a large range of colors as OPI or have great quality control so I would probably used the ones I've purchased on my toes. Yeah, I have to admit I buy a lot of nail polishes because I separate the colors I use for my hand and toe nails. I know most people don't care but I think it's kind of nasty painting my finger nails with something I just used on my toes. I mean... its almost like i'm indirectly licking my toes when I pick up food with my fingers or  if I am like biting my nails. That thought is really disgusting me right now... goose bumps* Anyways, do you guys separate your nail polishes or am I the only one?

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