Thursday, February 2, 2012

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Review

There's a small village in France called La Roche Posay that has mineral water spring that contains very unique and powerful water. The spring water is created by over 20,000 years of rainwater flowing over vast expanses of limestone rocks, natural reserves of the element selenium, and deep water flowing through the deep sands of the Cenomanian period. The thermal spring water is almost neutral pH and is protected from all pollution so it can be used to treat numerous skin problems. With anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties, thermal spring water helps treat certain serious inflammatory skin conditions when used as a therapeutic complement and also helps to fight skin aging.

Unfortunately, it is really not very cost efficient to visit this place just for using their water so I decided to order the moisturizing mist from La Roche-Posay Skin Laboratory. This product is advertised to contain no addictive and provides antioxidant protection to moisturize and refresh your skin. Therefore, since my  skin gets a little dry around the nose and cheek area during the winter time I decided to try out their infamous Thermal Spring Water Mist. You can purchase La Roche-Posay products on their website or like ebay/ amazon. I purchased the 10.5oz for around $17 which I find is a better value then the 1.8 oz for $9-$10.

After using this mist for a few days I totally fell in love this product as it instantly hydrates my skin and gives my face a glowing dewy effect. In addition, the mist is very fine so it adsorbs into the skin very quickly and has no scent at all. I usually spray some on my face before I apply my moisturizer and after I apply powder or foundation and it instantly hydrates my skin and removes the cakey powdery finish on face. I heard that this product is also very effective in treating acne so I'm actually going to test it out on my back as I get body acne from time to time and it's really hard to apply medication so this spray would be very handy as now I can now easily treat my back. I will update you guys later on on how well this product works for body acne!

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