Wednesday, April 18, 2012

$1.50 Spring Look Tutorial & Review

Hi, long time no see! Sorry I have been really busy as I have just started my own business! What is it? It's an online beauty website and you guys can check it out at Anyways, today I wanted to share with you guys a $1.50 makeup look tutorial. Yes, you guys heard it right... all it cost me was $1.50. Well, you guys would have to get this wet and wild set as soon as possible because it's on sale at CVS from 4/15-4/21. Hope you guys enjoy it and find my tips helpful.
Regular price for this set is $4.99 but it's an awesome deal right now running for $1.50. If they run out of stock you can get a rain check and purchase it next time. Wet and Wild's eyes, lips, and nail products are on sale at 2/$3.
Yah!!! This product is cruelty free so I'll totally support!

 Colors are different from the ones I already own but looks very pretty and is perfect for spring.
 Wow, the colors are very pigmented and is definitely worth every penny of the $1.50 I spent. Sorry that my arm is a little dry.... I'll go ahead and lotion it now.
No look can be complete without nail polish so here's how the included nail color looks like. I actually applied 2 coats on my nails to get it so bright. I really love the fact that it's fast dry because it only took around 5-7 minutes for me to start this tutorial. 
 Since we are on a budget, we will not buy any other products. I just happen to have some free samples of mascara and face power so I just added it on to the look too. (banging my head on the wall because I don't have any free eyeliner) Since it's spring, light makeup would be more suitable and if you have long lashes and good skin then there's no need to use to free samples. (hey this is possible!)
Overall, here's how it'll look with this set. I hope you guys enjoy!

aww.... the colors are very pigmented but the only problem that I have with this mini palette is that the colors do not match very well because the green and orange are the same tone and the other light green is too similar to the green shade except a little lighter. Overall, I'm happy with the price but I'm not happy with the color combination so you guys should not use it alone. Another thing I really wished this set included was an eyeliner because my look really needed it! Don't you guys agree my eyes don't look too energetic without it? Okay... enough of me for today, have fun!

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