Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweet Ice Cream Nail Tutorial

Since it's spring and summer is coming up, I decided to create this very sweet nail tutorial to help you guys cool down. The steps are very straight forward and very simple to replicate. I highly recommend using acrylic paint for drawing the chocolate drizzling tip of the nail because it's so much easier to control as paint dries 5 times slower then nail polish. In addition, don't worry about the acrylic paint looking thick after application because after the water evaporates it'll become flat (I applied a little too think and it took around 5 minutes for the paint to completely dry). For this design, I decided to add some pearls and gems as the sprinkles on top of ice cream for a 3D effect,  but if you guys don't have any then you could always create sprinkles by dotting on colorful nail polishes or acrylic paint. Remember the key to creating perfect nails is  to be creative! Please take a picture to show me your creation. Omg, these nails are making me so hungry. I think I'm gong to get something to eat now... Bye now!

1 comment:

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