Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Cleanser = Good Skin

I want to share something an amazing cleansing system with you guys, my sister called it the miraculous invention as it had given her skin a 360 degree change. Your skin will feel so clean and smooth that once you touch your face it'll slip right off. Don't believe in me saying that it'll slip off as that's just me exaggerating. It's great but not to a point where it'll give you skin like a baby's butt. Hoping for skin like a baby's' butt is now just a horizon away. Sooner or later my nick name would be tofu as my skin will reborn and feel like a baby's butt and when you touch it it'll slip right off. Unfortunately, I've already passed that stage several decades ago and that can now only happen in my dreams. Opps... just gave off my age, but oh well. However, one can still wish! Anyways, back to reality....oh, did you guys know that cleansing is the first step to getting good skin? You will get less skin problem when you give it a very clean wash but sometimes soap and water is not enough so the brand Clarisonic has invented a cleansing system with a few different models to offer 6x better cleanse than with your hands alone in just 60 seconds.

Luckily, both my sister and I never got any breakout after using this cleaning brush. I personally don't like the Clarisonic cleanser gel so I prefer to use my own and my current favorite is Loreal's 360 degree wash. Loreal's cleanser is cheap and cleans my face very well. ( we all know how fast cleansers get depleted so spending $5-6 a pop would be a very wise choice). Now back to the Clarisonic, I usually use it 2-3 times each week as a deep exfoliator but not daily as your skin needs time to regrow. Another tip of advice is read the instruction manual before using it as each part of your face requires a certain second of cleaning time to maximize results. Since I hardly ever apply foundation on my face I can't really tell how well this system cleans but by looking at my sister's brush which is now beige color looking I can finally understand why see used to break out so much. Before my sister started using this device, i bet you she never washed her face clean or else why is there so much residue stuck on this brush. How dare her tell me how hygienic she is when she's so  dirty. You know washing her face doesn't mean anything if you don't wash it clean. Thanks to this baby I feel like my pores are getting smaller and face a lot cleaner. If you guys are planning to purchase the Clarisonic cleaning device it will cost somewhere from $119 so it's quite pricey. I saw one on ebay for $40 but it's missing a charger so if you guys want to save some money then buy on ebay instead. Another thing is the this device is way better than Olay's pro cleaning device so don't waste your money as they cannot be compared! Olay's device just feels cheap and do not clean as well as I've tested it! Anyways, good luck and remember to clean your face every day!!!

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