Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fresh & Easy Spring Makeup Tutorial Using Ardell "The Special Occasion" False Eyelashes

Hi guys! I've just created a makeup tutorial using the newly released Ardell falsies for their "The Special Occasion" collection. The style I have on for my spring makeup tutorial is called Sublime. Since the lashes are longer toward the outside I decided to make my eyes look longer using eyeshadow and eyeliner. I really like the way this false eyelashes look because it makes my eyes very dolly. These lashes reminds me of this porcelain doll I had when I was as child so it super pretty! Overall, the band of this eyelash is a little thicker than the regular Ardell lashes, but it is still very flexible so it adjusted to my eyes very evenly without the ends sticking out. Anyways, since the lashes are a bit thicker and heavier I had to use double eyelid tape to create a bigger crease so I can still see some color. It would look very horrible if I open my eyes and all you guys see is a black roof on top of my eyes. Remember to cut the double eyelid tape smaller and not be greedy because we do not want to look like we have bandaged our eyes or it will look so fake. You guys have got to create it like mine so that when you open you eyes you cannot see the tape but only when you have your eyes closed. You just have to practice and practice to get it perfect so don't be lasy!!!!

Here's how the makeup look and sorry that my hair is kind of flat as I didn't put any styling products.

Close up shot with my eyes closed. I think the double eyelid tape was still to big so I'll have to make it smaller next time. Remember to don't be too greedy and use a thick tape or else it would look so obvious when you open your eyes.
Look at how different and pretty these lashes are when compare them to the regular Ardell lashes! I love them!

Here's a comparison of my eyes with a celebrity that had a horrible makeup artist that applied her makeup that day. Sorry that the bottom picture is kind of blurry because the footage of her drama were not very clear. Anyways you guys can see how obvious that tape on her eyes look when she opens up her eyes. Yes it was very annoying watching her the whole entire series because I just wanted to reach in and pull her tape off the whole entire time! I know you guys are wondering who is is... guess...

Alright did anyone get it right? She is none other then Taiwan's cutie pie girl, Yao Yao. You guys finally see what I mean about double eyelid tape gone wrong. Hmmm... I do notice that she looks better now a days so not sure if she changed a makeup artist or got something done. Anyways, I also filmed a makeup tutorial so I'll just have to edit it and put it up in 3 days so please stay tune if you like this look and want to get it done! Bye now! :)

Sorry not putting up film because half of them came out blurry. Don't be upset because there's always next time. I'm a newbie so finding the right angle is really hard for me!

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