Monday, April 30, 2012

Borghese Fango Active VS Brightening Mud Mask

I have found my most favorite mask, it's the Borghese mud mask! These mask are amazing but if I had to pick a favorite between the regular and brightening I'm going to go with the regular. I chose the regular one because it has more moisture and I feel like it tightens my face a little more. Another reason why I would not buy the pink one anymore is because I really don't see my face brighter after the application. The Borghese mud mask is very different from the other mask I have at home because really does tighten, soften, and norishes instantaneously after I wash my face. In addition, your skin's condition will stay the same way for the next few days even if you don't apply any skin care (I was trying to test it out, no... j/k it was lazy and didn't apply cream) Oh, another perk is that this mud is from Tuscany's volcanic hills! wow... that sounds amazing. Overall, I really love this make because it does everything it claims to do and do not break me out. A tip of advice is that during the first couple times of application you would feel this strong tingling feeling on your face but it's normal so just bare with it. Don't worry it didn't break me out and same with a few of my friends. Yeah, they all love this product. Anyways try it out if you guys get a chance. Good luck!

Remember to store these mud mask in a cool, dry place so it'll extend it's shelf life.

Who wouldn't be thrilled if their mud is from a place like this. Wow so beautiful! Mud.. I want you on my face now.

 Ah... ha.. it's on my face now. I'm obsessed with it but I understand I'm not suppose to overdue it as I have to let my skin naturally restore itself.
Wow  look at how moisturizing it looks right here on my hand. The texture of it is kind of like a thick pudding so it's very easy to spread it out. I didn't want to show the pink one as its much drier looking.
The angle makes me look so weird here but my face was getting so stiff so I could hardly move. Yeah, I literally ran outside my house to take this picture because of the better lighting. Hope no one saw me or else I would have scared some people.

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