Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Japanese Inspired Spring Nail Art Tutorial

Recently I created another nail art tutorial and this one is meant for spring. Since I'm in love with pastel colors I used almost all of them on my nails. Yes, that's right... If you can't decide then you find a way to use them all... The more the better. Haven't you guys ever made a nail polish haul and then come home wanting to use all of them but then you only have 10 finger nails so you really can't until a few days later. Yeah, this are the times I wished I had more nails.... Ehh, on second thought maybe not because I don't want to look like a creep. If my sister hears me say that she's going to think that I'm crazy. Okay now back to what I was talking about earlier, these nails are inspired by a set of nails I saw on the Japanese nail magazine called Nail Venus. If you guys are a nail polish whore then you guy must take a look at this book! If you guys are lazy and don't want to make these nails then you could always purchase them from my website. Anyways, I hope you guys find this enjoyable and sorry if the quality is bad. I'm still a newbie so please spare. Oh, for those of you who reads my blog, would you guys still prefer a visual step by step guide in addition to this video or video only is good enough. Please let me know.

Doesn't it look so gorgeous? I love my masterpiece. Please don't dislike it, but if you do please don't say it.... Keep it in your heart. Sorry that video is super long because I had to put filler in the back in order to pick that specific shot for the YouTube thumbnail. Video officially ends at 5 mins and 58 secs! If you guys like it the please comment, rate , and subscribe. If you guys really really like it then please watch it again.

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