Friday, May 11, 2012

Ardell Double Up False Eyelashes Review

I have another lash review today again! I purchased this from my local drug store, CVS, for $4.99. This Double Up line from Ardell came out a few months ago but didn't get my hands on it till now. I absolutely love the idea of double lashes especially they are extreme time saver and are perfect for more dramatic occasions. Since I bought this item in a hurry I really didn't a chance to take a close look at it, but when I examined it at home I really did't like it.

A lot of people glue 2 pairs of  different style lashes together in order to create a more dramatic effect such as making the band longer to elongate eyes or variation in lash length for different types of look that original lashes couldn't create. Gluing lashes together is slightly problematic when you are new to this and don't know how to combine lashes together for the best results. Therefore, I think this is the reason why Ardell created this line. I mean if there's a demand then there's a market. You guys know... business is always business..

Sounds like a great idea so far right? The idea sounds simple and easy, but you guys are probably wondering why I don't like these lashes. I'm not a perfectionist, but I do expect greater quality when I'm whipping out 5 whole dollars to buy these lashes.
Front view! Looking nice and full!

Honestly, I really didn't like the fact that Ardell glued together 2 pairs of exactly the same style lashes. It only makes the lashes look fuller but it didn't create any sort of variation in lash length to create different wearable looks.

This is an example of how a few pairs of different style lashes are glued together to create more emphasis towards the end of the eyes and at the same time elongating the band of the lashes. This is really something that you can't buy outside that requires a little imagination and crafty hands.

Basically I'm trying to say that these Ardell eyelashes are boring and have no creativity. There's really no need to stack to pairs of lashes together for more volume when I can buy a pair of fuller lashes to begin with. I think it's all a gimmick to lure customer's attention.

I know that some of your guys might really love the idea of fuller lashes and I do too but these lashes are pretty poorly made. The company basically glued together 2 pairs of lashes instead of making 2 sets of lashes on one band to make it more natural looking that consumers can't do at home. Sucks right? I can do it myself so why do I have to spend the extra 5 bucks on you? Ardell, why waste so much time on advertisements and packaging if you are not planning to create better quality?

Look I didn't even use it yet and it's already peeling off! Oh... no... that's very bad! I have to glue them back together before I get to use it or it would be very embarrassing if one pair came off.

Now coming to the worse part......
The layers of the lashes are not clipped together! aww... I would literally have 3 layers of eyelashes if I were to put these on my eyes! Yes, that would look very creepy and disgusting at the the same time. I really wished that these lashes can look like one piece after gluing them together NOT letting people know I have double layers of lashes!

Overall, it's not worth the money at all! If something is going to make you look uglier then why do it? Why take the risk? Why wasting your time of finding a way to fix these lashes? It's really not worth it at all and if there's someone to blame then it's Ardell product designer. Designer, you disappointed me because I have always loved Ardell's lashes but definitely not this one. Hope this review helped you guys!


  1. Thank you, well done post. I was planning to try them, but you saved my money. I regularly use lashes but I am not affectionated to any brand. But I realized that lately Ardell really lacks in quality after the new packagings came out. Some of their styles I always used and loved are now very badly done and cheap looking. I even wrote to them thru their web site but they never got back to me...well thank you was a good idea, but very poorly performed.

    1. I'm very happy that my post helped you out. I totally agree with you that their quality have decreased lately as I have a few pairs of Ardell lashes that only lasted 2-3 wears. I've definitely lost a lot of confidence in their falsies because I'm paying a whopping $5-6 for a pair and after the second wear the adhesive or binding between the eyelash and the band would come apart and there's absolutely no way to manually glue the hair back on the band. So since one falsie is destroyed, I would have to throw the other side out as I can't only wear one side. I mean it's really ridiculous, even $1.00 lashes I own have never had this problem and can last me more than 10 uses so I definitely over estimated Ardell's quality.

  2. thank u very much ..
    excellent post ..
    may l ask u some thing ?
    do u know about face powders ?
    there are many types of it .. like the color ones and color correcting
    when to use them ?
    are they used only for setting makeup?
    what is the difference between pressed and loose powder ?
    thanks ..
    by the way ,, u r so kind

    1. Hi, thank you very much for reading my blog. Regarding face powder I do have some knowledge on it and here's my take on your questions. I personally own both loose and pressed powder for a different variety of uses. Loose and pressed face powder they are pretty much the same kind of product just that they are in different form. Loose powder gives a more natural look and get less powdery/cakey than pressed powder because it uses a blush as an applicator and can distribute the cosmetic more evenly. However, I've tried using an brush instead of a sponge to apply my pressed powder and the results are very similar to using loose powder. Both pressed and loose powders can be used to set your liquid foundation for a more long lasting wear throughout the day. However, if you were to buy a powder used especially for setting makeup it has a better oil absorbing feature to make your makeup look more matte. Therefore, you can use the powder alone as a light wear or on top of foundation if you need a heavier coverage. I personally used darker color powder to control my face to further define my facial structure. Regarding color correcting powder I've used them before to correct my pink cheeks, but I do not like the result because the coverage was too light and was very easy to wear off. Regarding color correcting control, I prefer using a tinted cream or a concealer as it gives off much better coverage result and easier to control the area of coverage. Another tip I can give you if you want your makeup to look more natural after using facial product is using a makeup setting spray as it hydrates your face and gives it a radiate glow. My favorite makeup setting spray is Caudalie Beauty Elixir but this product is very pricey so another one of my favorite is La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water and this one works very well too. If you have any other questions just feel free to message me. Hope this helps!

  3. I dont know about all of you but i've been using adrell lashes exactly 201 for over a year now every single day and i have to say its actually the best lashes i've ever worn!

    You'd actually be spending more then $4.99 for two sets of lashes to glue together sooo here it is actually pretty convenient.

    My lashes have never ever looks like it were poorly places together giving that 'creep look' on the eye..

    my over all review for had been wearing and still continue wearing these for almost 2 years now...... GREAT.

  4. wow thank you for the honest review!!!

  5. I bought mine last month and ive used them about 6 times the same pair and they are amazing i love the double ups i will never buy other lashes again !! super happy they make your eyes stand out so much :)

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