Monday, May 21, 2012

Beauty Food: Sweet Potato

 Hello everyone! Today I want to talk to you guys about my favorite vegetable, the sweet potatoes! Who doesn't love their sweetness...... drooling... I want some now but the market is closed. First off I would like my readers to understand that sweet potatoes and yams are actually different and not related although they are both considered flowering plants. Sweet potatoes are related to the morning glory family while yams are related to grass and lilies. I hope that that's informative and you guys won't mix them up!
sweetpotato orangesweetpotato
Sweet potato (left) & yam (right)
Looks super similar to me but if you get the chance to eat both, yam will taste sweeter and contain more water.

Now back to the beauty part of this goody, sweet potatoes contains a strong dose of beta-carotene, cooper, and manganese that will bring miracles to your skin inside out! The beta-carotene helps improve rough, flaky skin while helping your skin shield out damages caused by the harmful UV rays.

Yes I know when you think of beta-carotene you guys will think of carrots but the thing you guys have to understand is that carrots are not as tasty as sweet potatoes. Carrots have this weird raw taste to it even if you cook it. (you can tell that I'm not a major fan of carrots) How many of you guys can really chug down 3 or 4 sticks of  carrots without any sauce? hard right? I knew it.

Alright, I wanted to look smart so I actually did some research to back myself up. I found out that beta carotene is actually very good for balancing ph levels and promoting growth of new skin cell. In addition, since this little baby is rich in vitamin c it will also help me fight against aging and dryness! Yah! forever youth! woot.... Oh gosh, I must stop this, I'm praising sweet potatoes as if it is gold.
sweet potato
I usually eat it steamed or baked without any sauce or else it'll ruin it natural sweetness. Now remember to eat more sweet potatoes! Yum!

Look at what I found at my local market....... hahaha...can you guys tell that there's something different about this sweet potato? (ignore the sign... this is a sweet potato, not a yam and I'm sure)

Haha... It's a gigantic sweet potato. See how big it is compared to a regular sized sweet potato? Almost like 10 times it's size. Yeah I know I'm lame but so cute right? Humm.. since a medium sized sweet potato is 117 calories... I wonder how many calories is this little baby. Omg...see how heavy it was? my veins are popping out.. eww... now remember to eat your veggies!

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