Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Polish Review

I'm back again! Yes, there's a lot of new products released lately that sparked my attention so I'm going to try it out and give you guys my take on it. I guess the nail polish craze is hitting a lot of brands and Sally Hansen is finally coming out with their version of a magnetic nail polish. So far I've only seen this Sally Magnetic polish at Target but I've pretty sure it'll be available elsewhere soon.
Price of this polish is $9.44 which is quite expensive as it's not even half the cost of another famous brand that sells magnetic nail polish, Nails Inc. Nail Inc's magnetic nail polish cost a lot more at at $16 a bottle and the colors are very limited in the United States. Therefore, Sally's magnetic nail polish is a cheaper alternative with a lot more color selections so that's why I decided to pick up one bottle to test it out! (Honestly I think this product is too much of a copy cat because their bottles are almost exactly the same shape and size, but again cash is king so cheap is better.)
The formula painted on fairly smooth and did not streak. The brush is kind of big so I had to paint very carefully because my nails are very small.
You have to place the magnetic activator immediately after you paint your nail or it will not work! ( I messed up on one nail because I was taking picture and left it on for 1 minute and afterwards it would not move.) Remember to leave a gap between the magnet and nail to not ruin your nail.
Oh no just ruined my nails! Watch out and not touch your nails or you will stain this magnet like me.

Yes the final result! Looks pretty awesome right? The results are very similar to Nails Inc so I do like it. The only problem I have is that it's very hard to control the after effects of how the magnetic polish moves so it makes my nail not very united looking. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing but I personally prefer creating marbled swirl nails by dipping them in water instead because the results are more obvious.

 Enjoy and show me your results! Bye Bye


  1. Hi! I just bought this color and I got way better results than you did. Not sure if you do this already, but just having the magnet hover over the nail doesn't work that well. If you sway the magnet back and forth, the design comes out stronger. :)

    1. Yes you are right! I only placed the magnet directly over my nails so the results were really simple. I'll try moving the magnet around next time to see if I get better results! I agree with you that this Sally Hansen magnetic polish is pretty amazing

  2. Oops, and I forgot to mention, in case anyone was thinking about getting it.... I like this Sally Hansen one way better than the China Glaze magnetic polish. That one was soooooo disappointing.

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