Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash Cleanser Review

Recently I've changed my facial cleanser to Origins because I've used up my Loreal's 360 cleanser. I had this sitting in my room for a year as I've got this free last Earth Day for giving them a empty container. Yeah they usually have free products on Earth Day. Don't be too jealous, I just always keep myself updated with ways to save! This year Origins gave out a free moisturizer for Earth Day but I didn't need it so didn't go get it.

Current favorite cleanser as after using this product my face feels clean and does not strip away my a lot of my natural oil making my face dry. This face wash also works really well in taking light makeup off. I feel like using this cleanser with my Clarisonic brush is making my pore look slightly smaller. woohoo!

I think this cleanser is going to last me a long time because I use it twice a day and a dime size is more then enough for my face. There's actually a lot in this bottle as I've used it for a month now and it still looks like the bottle is full. You can purchase this product online at Origin's website for $19.50. My packaging is different from their website because mine is released for Earth Day. 
Cleanser is in a creamy frosty texture and lathers up a little when you use.

Here's a test I did to show you guys how well this product works for cleaning makeup. 
 I applied 3 different brands of eyeliners on my hand then I'll go wash it off using Origin's cleanser. I chose to test with eyeliner because the results are more obvious then foundation and usually eyeliners are very stubborn and hard to wash off. 

There's so many times I had black residue stuck under my eyes that wouldn't come off without makeup remover so it makes my life more complicated.  Haha... yeah that's when I kind of look like I haven't slept for a week with such a heavy eye bag. If you guys think of the bright side, the residue made me look like a panda... awww.. isn't that cute (Yeah, that was meant to compliment myself).

Now thanks to this cleanser, a lazy person can put less stuff on my face.

Oh yeah, that's me but minus the size. so cute!!!
panda dog that looks like panda
This is not related to my post but I just came across it and it's so cute! It's a panda dog! It's actually a dog but his owner dressed him up to look like a panda. Although, it might sound weird but I heard that its quite a trend in China now. I guess people are trying to seek alternatives in owning a pet panda by making their dog look like other animal. Sorry little fella, I can't tell that you're a dog. 
panda dog that looks like panda 
Here's a another one. OMG... this one I really really like. Sooo....... cute!

Alright enough of the obsession and back to the testing. Now let me wash my hand. 
After 2 seconds of scrubbing, everything came off! I didn't even rub my skin and it just came off by gently using this Clarisonic brush. Wow it was way to quick for me show you guys how amazing this combo works. 

You could see in this picture that the Origins cleanser does lather but but very little. If you guys don't have a brush like I do, using your hand will work the same way. No hard rubbing is needed to remove makeup. 

Bam... the final product, a clean hand! There's absolutely no residue left on my hand and I just realized it look more moisturized.  Yah! another good product I found for my skincare routine that cost me NOTHING!

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