Friday, May 4, 2012

LA Girl Fruit Scented Nail Polish Review

I walked into my local rite aid today and this LA Girl nail polish captured my eyes. Why? It's scented!!! There's a total of 8 different colors and best part is that it's only for $2.99. I think it's pretty cheap considering it's in a 14ml bottle.

You guys know how smelly nail polish are when you apply it so if there's really a sweet scent in it then its my problem solver. Yeah, every time I apply nail polish my brother would scream that I'm killing him by intoxicating his air. He's such a jerk, every time he would rat to my mom and she'll come and complain.

Honestly, I don't think it smells too bad, at least better than his paint for his Gundam model. I mean I look better after I color my nail but what does coloring his Gundam do for his look? The answer is NOTHING! Now girls if you have a brother or someone like me then this nail polish is your solution! It really does smell like fruits but like extract flavoring... Which is kind of fake, but again who can make something smell like fresh fruits? If you want to smell like fresh fruit then peeling an orange is what I'll advise you to do. Yeah, just don't complain because this polish is under $3.

Okay, going back to the meat of this review... When you first apply this polish it does smell like regular nail polish but minus half. It's better then nothing. After 1-2 minutes the disgusting scent will go away and then bam! Fruity nails!

The lighter colors are kind of sheer so I think it'll be great as a top coat because it has glitter and I love glitter. The darker colors are very vivid even with one coat so I'm just going to wear it alone. Overall, it took around 10 minutes for 1 coat to completely dry so not too bad.  Overall, I like this nail polish because of it's price and easy application. It's fruity scent is definitely a luring selling point! The only thing I don't like is that there's not a lot of colors to choose from and most of them are sheer colors. As a nail polish holic I need variations! I guess I would buy again unless I find something better! So happy now, I'm going to wave my hand in front of people's face so they can smell it and enjoy it. I'll try it for a few more days and update you guys regarding the lasting time. Chao!

This one smells kind of like mixed berries. (yes I'm lost) I think applying darker nail polish looks better on my hand because I'm so dark. I should have listened to my mom when I was younger to stay out of the sun. So sad, now my hands are darker then my face.
 Kind of like this scent because it smelled so much like pineapple lifesaver. Yeah it gave me the urge to want to lick it. I know it's weird... but you have to bare with it! Sadly, 2 hours after application this nail polish has already lost its scent.
I love the glitter in this sheer red polish and glad I have one because I don't have anything like it at home. This one is also my favorite scent because it smells like strawberry. Today I washed my hands for around 5-6 and the scent is still there. Hey! I'm clean so of course I used soap too!

Update: 3 days later
The strawberry polish has already lost it's scent already today. It still had a faint smell on the 2nd day. That's just way too bad as it only lasted for 2 days. That means no more waving around for me. *sad* Yes, I'm pretty darn sure the scent is gone as I'm still smelling things fine because luckily the blueberry polish still smells really good. Now thinking of it I finally realize what the blue nail polish smells like... it's potpourri! You guys know.. that flower that you put in the restroom for scent... thinking of it, I hope people don't think that I just came out of the restroom because I take every opportunity to wave my hands around. Anyways, I still like it as it still didn't chip yet... one can change my mind as I'm planning to buy some more!

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