Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Biweekly Facial Mask Routine

Hi guys! sorry that I have not updated my blog for quite some time! I actually took the pictures weeks ago but never got a chance to sit down and write the description for these pictures along with editing my pictures. I guess today's the perfect day for me to catch up and now that I have most of my personal matter taken care of I would have more time to dedicate to my blog and my fellow readers. (Oh yes, you guys must be happy).
Here's a little bonus for your guys...... a cute picture of my cat! His name is fluffy (aka fat cat). Isn't he just adorable........

Today I wanted to show you guys what I usually do every other week to keep my skin looking smooth and youthful. Yes, I am quite confident about my skin that I can go out without foundation or powder and feel like I'm worth a million bucks. Haha, I'm not that cocky it's just that I don't like the feeling of a weighed down face so I try harder on not having to conceal my face. Honestly, good skin don't blossom overnight, you have to maintain it on a daily base and I've been doing it for the past 12 years! Of course, I'm not perfect and I do have some slightly larger pores and freckles but it's really not that obvious unless you stare really close to my face. (whoops just spilled my secret...)
 Here's a head shot of me taken and all I have on my face is sunblock and moisturizer. Eyes and lips do not count because off course I couldn't keep them bare. Sorry couldn't find a better picture but this was taken with my sony 10mp camera.

Step 1: Clean face with cleanser
free origins cleanser

I wrote a review about my current favorite cleanser by Origins so if you guys would like to check it out please take a look at
You guys do not have to use the exact one. You could always use your favorite cleanser.

Step 2: Remove old & dead skin cell on face.
This is product works kind of like a scrub except it's much more gentle and removes more dead skin cell. Basically this product is like a gel with many micro beads in it and you are suppose to rub it all over on damp or dry skin until the gel turns into little dry pieces of particle and then you could wash off. The exfoliating enzyme (beads) helps to gently remove dead cells buried deeply in the skin to create smoother and clearer skin.
Here's a picture of how the product looks like. It smells really nice too exactly like strawberry!

There's actually a lot of similar products out in the Asian cosmetic market but this is one of my favorite because it works really well and the bottle has a lot more product then companies with similar product. This whole bottle only cost me $20! You can also use it on your body!

Step 3: Open up your pores
You can always use warm water to open up your pore but I usually like to use a self heating mask like this one from The Body Shop for $17 to help open pores and using ginger, cinnamon oil, and kaolin clan to help clean out my pores at the same time.

The texture of the mask is very creamy and the instant you squeeze it out of the tube you will feel it warming up. Don't worry you will never burn yourself with this mask as after 5 minutes of a warm temperature it will start cooling down. Very cool right?

Here's a link to the product in case you guys want to check it out:
There's actually a buy one get one 50% off promo going out so if you guys are interested then you can check it out.

Step 4: Cleaning out blackheads!
This is one my favorite product to clean out blackhead from pores. (I bought mine for $20) For this process I would only use step 1 and 2 and save step 3 for the very end when we finish our whole mask treatment process. I wrote a review on this before and you could check it out at:

Consistency of this product is very thick and you have to quickly apply on face before it dries!

Step 5: Manually remove stubborn blackhead

Alright no product is ever going to be 100% perfect so if you guys find one please let me know. Since the product only cleaned out 80 % of my pores I would have to go right in and remove the remaining ones with my pore extractor. Although this products works really well but it also does a lot of damage to the skin as you have to press your skin and drag it so try to use it as little as possible.

Step 6: Shrink your pores!
This is one of my all time favorite mask product that works really well to help shrink pore while giving you a clean, smooth, and refresh face all for $6-$7. Since I have just opened up my pore I would need something to help minimize them so this is the perfect product to get the work done. I usually take a little break in between this step and the previous one because I like to let my skin relax before putting stuff on it. 
 This make is very cooling when you put it on your face and the texture is very clay like so you would need to use a cloth to remove this product. Remember to wash your face with cold water afterwards!

Alright now! I am finally done with my biweekly mask routine. Hope you guys find it helpful and you should give it a try as it has done miracles for my skin. Good luck!

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