Friday, June 22, 2012

Beauty on a Budget: Hello Kitty Mon Amour Pallete & Mirror & Sephora Lip Brush Haul For $21

While visiting the mall today I actually came across some beauty items that I have wanted for a while and finally brought them home today. I actually had a pretty amazing deal since the original prices of these items were $52 added together but overall I paid $21 for everything. Hummm.... that makes it almost 60% off. WOW.... If you guys are visiting the mall and is interested in these items you can pick them up at Sephora located inside JCPenny. I'm pretty sure these items are all discounted at Sephora inside JCPenny but I know for sure that it's still for full prices at the regular Sephora store and on their website. Anyways, I know that this deal is not going to last very long so if you guys are interested please check it out before they run out! 

Well, this item was always on my "I want list" after swatching it but at $21 I just didn't want to pay so much for it but when I saw it on sale at $13 I literally jumped on the deal. Common, 8 eyeshadows and 2 blushes at $13 makes them $1.3 a shade, how cheap can that be? I totally cannot wait to use it! ♥
I also picked up one of these double sided Hello Kitty mirror form the Mon Amour collection for myself. The best thing about this mirror is that one of the side is an enlarging mirror so it'll be perfect if you want a closer look at yourself while touching up your makeup. It's so cute right? Haha and it only cost me $5! Regular price is $17 and it's considered a hard to find item too!
I really needed another lip brush because one is not enough for creating the popular gradient lip effects so luckily I ran into this $3 deal instead of going to the store and buying one for $10+. I believe the original price was $12 but I really can't complain too much as I'm paid so little for it. Overall, I'm liking it so far as it picks up the color well and hasn't lost any hair even after a quick wash!

I'll probably add some swatches and demo later on when I get a chance so say tuned! Good Luck finding these products!

TIP: Call before you go and ask them to reserve so you can conserve gas and not disappoint yourself! ♥

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