Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Revlon Sweet Treat Scented Nail Polish Enamel Review

Today was such a lucky day for me because I bought myself more scented nail polish and luckily I got all the colors I want as it's limited edition! These nail polish are like little treats as it definitely makes your nails smell like it's in sweet heaven. Absoluting loving it regardless of the wear time. There's a total of 8 different scents and all are unique and different then the other scented nail polishes I've encountered so far. It's actually quite impressive that all the scents are based on desserts rather then fruits.
These colors are perfect for the summer time and some shades like the red/ coral colors will continue to be hot colors for the fall! The prices of these polishes are at $4.79 a bottle at Rite Aid but they always have a sale   like buy one get one 50% off so you might want to check out the sale for the week. 

Here's how the colors look after I painted them on! I love the smooth and streak free formula and the scent lasted for more than a week until I had to take them off.

Overall, I am extremely please with my new favs! This is definitely worth every penny I paid for as it's really nothing like what I had before. I'm definitely praying that Revlon will come out with more scented nail polish. I hope you guys could give these nail polishes a try and you know if it really does not work out must drug store accept returns. If you guys find other scents, please let me know!! Bye for now!

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