Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dr. Hu's Jalili Face Mask Review

Dry skin is honestly a girl's worst nightmare as makeup does not stay and skin appears very flaky. Sadly, my face has been super dry lately due to the change of weather so I've been actively using face mask to keep my face moisturized at night so that I can wake up to much more hydrated skin. 

I actually have never heard of this brand, Dr. Hu, before until I purchased this face mask at a local street festival a few months ago. The ladies at the stand told me that this line Jalili from Dr. Hu is actually one of the top selling mask in Taiwan and was on sale for $1 a piece so I bought a few to test out.

 Dr. Hu's Jalili mask comes in 8 variety each with a different set of benefits. The one I've tested today is made with Ascorbic Acid which is used to help with whitening, firming, and moisturizing.

Direction says to apply the face mask after face is cleaned. Next allow mask to sit for 15-20 mins on face before removing the mask and then lightly pat the excess moisture into face.

The mask is very moist and there is plenty of left over serum in the package!

Sorry to show you guys a  picture of me with the mask on but I wanted to show you guys the texture of the mask so here it goes! The mask is very thin with a lot of moisture. Mask sticks very closely to the face and I love the two little flaps that I can pull up to moisturize my eyelids.

Wahhhhhhlaaa.. I super love the results. As you can see in these pictures the before picture of my face looks very oily and my pore are quite enlarged and after using the mask for 20 minutes my face looks much more hydrated, whiter, and pores are a lot smaller. Overall, I am super excited about this product and I will definitely buy more to use! Hope you guys give it a try too!

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