Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picking My Own Strawberries!

Sometime leaving the city life and going out to the farm land for a fresh breath of air is very relaxing. I'm quite happy that it's currently spring and there's so much stuff to do and the weather in California is perfect for a lot of outdoor activities.

Now looking at the pictures the strawberries look so plump and juicy! Unfortunately, the strawberries were not sweet at all.

Haha... I found my self a big and juicy strawberry!

It was a bunch of fun picking strawberries at the U-Pick Strawberries in Carlsbad, California but it was a lot of hard work too. The rows of strawberry plants are very narrow so I had a hard time walking and bending down looking for strawberries. Man, picking strawberries and really make a person appreciate all the fruits we have at the market as a lot are hand picked by farmers!

Here's an up close picture of the strawberries. You can see a lot of strawberries are still green, white and tiny so I really had to dig real hard to find the big juicy red ones! Since this is a public strawberry picking farm some of the strawberries are damaged do to human abuse so I had to be real careful for not picking a spoiled strawberry!

See... I really have to squat to pick the strawberries as the plant is so low. Picking the strawberries was so expensive, the tiny cup you see in this picture cost $10 and I cannot overflow over the top too. I guess I was paying for the experience and not really the strawberries as a whole basket only cost $1 at my local market.

Eating my hard pick strawberries is very satisfying so I'm definitely going to try apple pickings next time!

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