Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo Session With My New Nikon 35mm Micro Lens

I recently purchased a new lens for my Nikon 3100 camera so my first round of testing subjects are of course the beloved pets! The cost of this lens was almost $300 with tax but I think the results are pretty much worth every penny I paid for it!

I realized that the results of the 35mm lens is almost the same as the 40mm so buying this lens I will not have to buy the other one so horray!

This is a picture of using the lens under macro mode. Wow... I can see almost every detail of the flower that I couldn't even see with my naked eye.

Here's a picture of the sweet and gentle MeiMei! I took her out for a stroll and she sure is enjoying the weather. Talking about his picture perfect shot...

Another shot here is my cute kitty fat cat! You can see every inch of his fur so closely.

Oh my my sister's doggie, Porky, looks real cute here. Porky looks like she's drooling while waiting to get a taste of that doggie bone. Yum Yum...

The lens pick up such great color, of course the subject must be beautiful too!

Here's another shot.. this one MeiMei is smelling the flower. OMG... she's just too cute... I just want to hug her right now!

Here's a picture of fat cat at night. The lens picks up a great amount of light even at night.

Side profile of Porky. She looks real good for a 10 years old dog.

I will end this post with a picture of MeiMei strolling down my block. Absolutely stunning... Overall, I like the results of the pictures and there's definitely no regret in buying this lens. It's so easy to use and the outcome are great but the only thing I need to learn is to focus correctly so hopefully I'll get better with practice.

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